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Navigating NY CDPAP: How to Get Paid for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Do You Need Immediate Help With CDPAP Or Home Health Care?

Note: CDPAP is NOT an offer of employment. Please do not contact us for employment. If you already live with or care for an elderly person, family, or friend who is in need of care (permanent or temporary disability, aging, disease, etc.), the CDPAP program allows you to get paid up to $21.09/hour to take care of your loved one. Again, this is NOT an employment offer.


In the heart of New York, there exists a program that not only acknowledges the indispensable role of family and friends in caregiving but also allows individuals to get paid for this compassionate work. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a luminary in transforming personal care, giving patients the comfort of being taken care of by someone they know and trust and providing caregivers the financial support they deserve. This blog post offers a deep dive into navigating the complexities of CDPAP for both care receivers and aspiring caregivers.


Understanding NY CDPAP Program

What is NY CDPAP?

The New York Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a Medicaid program that provides an alternative way of receiving home care services, where the consumer or the person receiving care has more control. This includes the freedom to choose who provides their care and how it is administered, within certain Medicaid-established rules and regulations.

The Vision Behind the Program

The vision is simple yet profound. CDPAP was designed to empower those in need of home care to select caregivers that they trust—be it family, friends, or acquaintances—thereby enhancing the quality of care and nurturing an environment of familiarity and comfort.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

This progressive program is available to individuals that are eligible for Medicaid and require home care, personal care, or skilled nursing services. It is especially beneficial for patients who are self-directing or have a designated representative capable of making their own care-related decisions.

Eligibility Criteria

Residency Requirements

To be eligible for CDPAP, the care receiver must be a resident of New York State. This ensures that the program’s beneficiaries are within the geographic purview where CDPAP can operate and provide its services effectively.

Medicaid Connection

Enrollment in New York State Medicaid is essential for both patients and those looking to become caregivers. Medicaid eligibility is a cornerstone for participation in the program.

The Need for Personal Care Assistance

The individual must have a medical need for the services typically provided by a personal care assistant, home health aide, or a nurse.

Physician’s Approval

An authorized healthcare provider must evaluate the patient and approve the need for services that the CDPAP covers.

Ability to Direct Care

Either the patient or someone they trust must be capable of directing the care. This includes hiring, instructing, and managing the caregiver.

The Application Process Simplified

Step-by-step Breakdown

The journey to becoming a caregiver under CDPAP involves a series of steps, starting with the potential patient applying for Medicaid, receiving a medical exam, and getting approval from a health care professional for home care services.

Required Documents

Applicants will need to provide proof of residency, a physician’s order, and documentation of Medicaid eligibility among other records to support their application.


Getting Paid: How It Works

Understanding the Compensation Model

CDPAP compensates personal care assistants for their work, but unlike traditional employment situations, it’s the consumer (or family member) who decides the pay rate, within Medicaid’s budget restrictions.

Examples of Pay Rates

Pay rates can vary depending on numerous factors but expect them to be competitive to what home health care aides receive in your region. The highest pay rate reaches $21.09/hr. 

Frequency and Method of Payments

Caregivers are usually paid biweekly or monthly through a fiscal intermediary who handles the payroll following Medicaid’s guidelines.

Taxes and Other Deductions

The caregiver’s income under CDPAP is taxable. Appropriate deductions are done just like any other job, and it’s important for caregivers to understand their tax obligations.


Choosing the Right Caregiver

Who Can Be a Caregiver Under CDPAP?

Almost anyone the patient trusts, including family members (with certain exceptions), friends, or acquaintances, can become a caregiver, unlike other programs where immediate family members are often excluded from being paid caregivers.

Training and Responsibilities

CDPAP caregivers do not require certification. Training is often done by the patient or their designated representative — after all, who better to instruct on their needs than the patients themselves?

The Emotional and Social Benefits of Choosing a Loved One

Choosing a friend or family member adds an invaluable emotional component to care. It can cement bonds and provide a sense of continuity that is unparalleled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These span a broad gamut of concerns, from finer points of eligibility to nuances in patient/caregiver relationships. Always check with the New York State Department of Health or a designated fiscal intermediary for the most accurate answers.

Click here to see our FAQ section in the Home Health Care Assistance Hub


How to Get Started

Checklist for Application

Before beginning, assemble all necessary documents, get a doctor’s approval, decide on a caregiver, and ensure they’re ready and able to undertake the responsibilities.

Contact Bena Home Care for CDPAP Assistance

For detailed guidance, applicants can contact us with any of the forms on this site, through our contact page, or calling us at (718) 323-3050. We are an authorized fiscal intermediary.

Success Stories

From patients to caregivers, the testimonials of those whose lives have been changed by CDPAP are both heartwarming and inspiring. They reinforce the tangible benefits of this empathetic approach to care.


The CDPAP offers a unique and humane approach to home care, upholding the dignity of patients and acknowledging the priceless contributions of caregivers. For those eligible, embarking on this journey could mean not just better care for patients but a valued and rewarding role for caregivers. With knowledge, preparation, and the right partnerships, navigating CDPAP can become a satisfying part of your or your loved one’s life story.

Remember, help is always a phone call or a click away; start your exploration into CDPAP today for a more comforting tomorrow.

Do You Need Immediate Help With CDPAP Or Home Health Care?

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