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What Is CDPAP?

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Unveiling the Power of CDPAP: Personalized Care with Bena Home Care

Are you, or a cherished family member, pursuing a home care solution that resonates with individual needs? Bena Home Care is your solution to partner with the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Allow us to guide you through the dynamic interplay of this program and how it harmonizes with your preferences and requirements.  

Do You Need Immediate Help With CDPAP Or Home Health Care?


Introducing the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) with Bena Home Care

In pursuing tailored home care, Bena Home Care introduces the CDPAP as a solution that genuinely speaks to your distinctive needs. CDPAP emerges as a beacon for New York State residents, offering the liberty to handpick and engage personal caregivers – an approach beyond the conventional caregiving experience.  

Navigating the CDPAP Dynamics with Bena Home Care

Bena Home Care's affiliation with CDPAP transforms caregiving into a deeply personalized journey. Instead of relying on a pre-selected caregiver, this initiative empowers individuals to choose someone they trust implicitly. With Bena Home Care's guidance, Medicaid funding becomes a conduit for compensating these caregivers, empowering friends or family members to assist while earning an income.  

home health care ny, cdpap, hha, in-home care


Eligibility and Qualification with Bena Home Care

As an advocate for your well-being, Bena Home Care ensures a seamless transition into the CDPAP fold. Medicaid enrollment is a foundational requirement, and our experienced team stands ready to facilitate this process. Additionally, it would be best if you necessitated home care to manage certain aspects of daily life while being able to direct caregiver assistance or designate a reliable representative. These criteria encapsulate the essence of CDPAP and its alignment with those seeking a higher level of participation in their care journey. The application journey involves an assessment by a nurse assessing your needs and capabilities. Once approved, Bena Home Care lets you make a personalized choice regarding your home care provider.    

home health care ny, cdpap, hha, in-home care

The Bena Home Care Advantage within CDPAP

Embracing CDPAP with Bena Home Care unlocks an array of advantages that redefine home care:

  • Empowerment: You wield the authority to select caregivers, fostering a bond that enhances care quality.
  • Trust and Familiarity: Friends and family, including Bena Home Care, can step into caregiving roles, cultivating a sense of security.
  • Flexibility and Control: CDPAP’s adaptability aligns with your scheduling and decision-making preferences.
  • License-Free Care: Absent license requisites empower caregivers to offer comprehensive assistance.
  • Elite Choice Partnership: in conjunction with Elite Choice, Bena Home Care ensures seamless operations and caregiver payments.


CDPAP in New York:
Is CDPAP with Bena Home Care the Optimal Choice for You?

CDPAP, which stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, is a Medicaid program available in New York. It allows individuals to hire a trusted family member or friend as their caregiver.

For those equipped to manage care dynamics while preserving routines and family harmony, CDPAP with Bena Home Care shines brightly. Those seeking a professionally managed approach might find the traditional home healthcare route more suitable.  

Hire Your Own Caregiver

With CDPAP, you can choose someone you trust to care for you, such as a close friend or family member. The program allows them to serve as your caregiver and receive compensation of up to $21.09 per hour.

Who Can Take Care of Me?

CDPAP allows you to choose someone over the age of 18.

Anyone that is authorized to work in the US.

Why Hire a Friend or Family Member?

There are several reasons why hiring a friend or family member as your caregiver through CDPAP can be beneficial:

Your family member or friend might already be providing care for you, and making it official allows them to receive financial compensation at a competitive rate.

Your loved ones understand your lifestyle, preferences, and cultural needs better than anyone else.

By hiring a family member or friend, you can employ someone you care about who might be looking for work.

You have a higher level of trust in the care your family member or friend provides and would prefer someone you know in your home.


CDPAP Program In New York:
Count on Bena Home Care

Experience the transformative potential of CDPAP with Bena Home Care. Bena Home Care is your trusted ally across every corner of New York State. Contact us today and explore how CDPAP with Bena Home Care, can elevate your care experience.          

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